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Talent Management

MCPI believes that investing in human resources reaps the best dividend. With this conviction, the Company endeavors to build capabilities through structured training interventions driven by an objective need identification process. Newly hired employees are oriented to the organizational culture through a well-designed Induction Programme. Annual training plans cater to functional, technical and behavioral training requirements. The Company identifies high potential employees and grooms them for leadership roles through the “Individual Development Plan”.


What Processes are part of a Talent Management System?

  • Structured Talent Acquisition Process
  • Rigorous Selection Criterion coupled with thorough evaluation
  • Effective On Boarding Process with 90 days plan dovetailed with focused review mechanism
  • Smooth settling in process of the new incumbent with collaborative approach with line function
  • Nurturing of Young Talents with sustained effort – ASPIRE
  • Crafting of Job Description to ensure clarity on expectation of each role
  • Objective Goal setting at the early stage of employee life cycle
  • Skill gap analysis and training need identification
  • On the job Training for continuous skill enhancement
  • Feedback mechanism to ensure course correction on the development process
  • Learning Intervention in line with the Business Need
  • Coaching and relationship building by the manager
  • Competency Assessment for Leadership Team through Development Centre
  • Career Development Plan and mapping of Career Path
  • Administration of Employee Benefits with enhanced Employee Experience
  • Formal communication channel to arrest the voice of internal customer

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