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Talent Management

MCPI believes that investing in human resources reaps the best dividend. With this conviction, the Company endeavors to build capabilities through structured training interventions driven by an objective need identification process. Newly hired employees are oriented to the organizational culture through a well designed Induction Programme. Annual training plans cater to both functional and behavioral training requirements. The Company identifies high potential employees and grooms them for leadership roles through the “Talent Staff Programme”.

What Processes are part of a Talent Management System?

  • Recruitment planning meeting
  • Job description development
  • Job post writing and recruiting location placement for the posting
  • Application materials review
  • Phone or online screening interview
  • In-house interviews that can involve multiple meetings with many of your current employees
  • Credential review and background checking
  • Making the job offer to the selected person
  • Agreeing on the amount of the offer
  • Employee starting day and onboarding process
  • New employee welcome information and introductions
  • On-the-job training
  • Goal setting and feedback
  • Coaching and relationship building by the manager
  • Formal feedback systems such as performance management or an appraisal process
  • Ongoing employee development
  • Career planning and pathing
  • Promotions, lateral moves, transfers
  • Employment termination by choice of the employee or cause by the employer

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